Stratux Europe Edition 1.6r1-eu022

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Extend your Stratux with transmit capabilities, to not only see, but also be seen.

New build variants and guides

  • The Wiki now features 3 build guides, including one of them that implements transmit capabilities for various 868Mhz protocols
  • A new 3D-printable and customizable case has been designed to accommodate the transmit hardware (don’t have a 3D printer? there are plenty of 3D printing services that can print the case for you for ~15-25€). The case has been designed in OpenSCAD and is therefore very easy to customize to fit your needs. It offers enough space to also include a TTGO T-Beam device (see build guide 3)
  • If you decide to equip your Stratux with an OGN tracker, you will even be able to receive more traffic as well: When a PilotAware ground station sees you transmitting the PilotAware protocol (which the OGN tracker will do), it will re-transmit Mode-S target positions that have been determined by Mlat
  • See here for more information:

You can – of course – help extending the coverage of PilotAware base station by hosting one yourself at home. Check the PilotAware website or contact them for more information.

This probably makes Stratux Europe Edition the most capable traffic awareness device available – at extremely affordable cost.

New features, improvements and fixes

  • Implemented first-class support for connecting a TTGO T-Beam based OGN Tracker, including configuration from the Stratux web interface
  • Improved parsing of NMEA traffic message from external devices providing them
  • Added support for MPU9255 IMU
  • Several improvements to 868Mhz reception and protocol handling
  • Improvements to UBlox GPS chip configurations (mainly enablement of SBAS (WAAS, Egnos)
  • Bugfixes to Fancontrol daemon
  • Possibility to set the minimum fan speed manually. This way, you can now set the fan to a speed where it just starts turning to have a constant mild airflow over your SDRs and CPU (requires Stratux AHRS module)
  • Fixes to GPS NMEA parsing in general and SV numbering (thanks to @VirusPilot)
  • Included Stratux-compatible OGN Tracker firmware in the images, with an easy way of installing it directly from your Stratux, see here
  • Fixed detection of Stratux UAT Radio
  • Corrected ID conflict handling between ICAO and non-ICAO aircraft IDs
  • Multiple minor bug and crash fixes all over the place
  • Some minor improvements to the web interface
  • Improved logging: if the Stratux service ever crashes, it will now write information to the log file that helps in finding the cause of the crash

Known issues

  • OGN Tracker configuration for „Pilot Name“ may not contain any whitespaces for now
  • Due to the nature of the many changes, there might be issues related to the new features. However, regarding the old features, I expect this version to be more stable than previous versions
  • If you want to install OGN Tracker Firmware directly from your Stratux, you must install this version by re-imaging the SD card. If you use the update-*.sh, you will not be able to install the firmware.


OGN Tracker and fan speed configuration

Stratux build with transmit capabilities