Stratux Europe Edition 1.6r1-eu020

Link zur Download-Seite (GitHub)


Added Mode-S identity reply decoding to more successfully resolve the callsign of Mode-S targets

Fixed relative bearing computation in NMEA PFLAU traffic messages

Removed Stratux OLED status display support for now, as nobody seems to use it and it doesn’t work on python 3 any more [help wanted]

Improvement to Mode-S bearingless target distance estimation

Changed „Bearingless target“ option to only affect GDL90 bearingless emulation with the 8 fake-targets, not NMEA output.

Improvements to „Radar“ page

Minor fixes to „Traffic“ page

Favor GNSS over Baro altitude for OGN targets, as some trackers transmit invalid baro alt

„Show traffic source in callsign“ option now distinguishes between the individual OGN protocols

Included the following updates from mainline Stratux:

Added support for new Stratux AHRS Module (untested, as I don’t have such a module. Feel free to report back)

Added Dark Mode to web interface