Stratux Europe Edition 1.6r1-eu021

Link zur Download-Seite (GitHub)


Quite a large release this time around, with user facing and structural changes:

OGN Receiver now has a status page on with detailed information

Stratux now accepts NMEA on port 30011. This can be used to wirelessly connect an ESP32 OGN Tracker and use it as a traffic/location source

Extended the main Status page to include information about OGN noise level and a link to a spectrogram (see screenshot below).
The OGN Noise bar switches color from green to red, depending on the noise level. Reception range decreases by 50% for each 6dB of noise, which is shows as the „range loss factor“. 
Please note that, in order to optimize noise, you have to test in the aircraft while flying. Noise varies widely depending on your surroundings. To proof that, e.g. look at the noise levels with your Stratux beside your desk with a PC vs. going outside with a power bank. This can easily cause a drop of 15dB.

Stratux now contains a „Map“ page which shows all received traffic on a map. See details and screenshot below

Switched from ancient Stratux/dump1090 to actively maintained Flightaware/dump1090 for ADS-B reception

Added identity decoding also for AltitudeReplies (by TomBric)

Small fix to NMEA PFLAA output, which could cause SkyDemon to not show a specific traffic aircraft in rare instances

Please make sure to clear your browser cache after installing the update.

Status page


Aircraft become transparent when they are not received for some time, so the more intensity the color has, the more recent its position reception is

Aircraft are colored depending on their protocol as usual (blue for ADS-B, green for OGN and brown for UAT)

A ~5nm track line is shown for each aircraft

You can choose between a low-res offline OpenStreetMap background, a high-res online one, and OpenAIP (also online)

To make use of the online layers, the client device (phone/tablet/PC) needs to have an internet connection. If it doesn’t, only the low-res map is usable

Stratux Europe Edition 1.6r1-eu020

Link zur Download-Seite (GitHub)


Added Mode-S identity reply decoding to more successfully resolve the callsign of Mode-S targets

Fixed relative bearing computation in NMEA PFLAU traffic messages

Removed Stratux OLED status display support for now, as nobody seems to use it and it doesn’t work on python 3 any more [help wanted]

Improvement to Mode-S bearingless target distance estimation

Changed „Bearingless target“ option to only affect GDL90 bearingless emulation with the 8 fake-targets, not NMEA output.

Improvements to „Radar“ page

Minor fixes to „Traffic“ page

Favor GNSS over Baro altitude for OGN targets, as some trackers transmit invalid baro alt

„Show traffic source in callsign“ option now distinguishes between the individual OGN protocols

Included the following updates from mainline Stratux:

Added support for new Stratux AHRS Module (untested, as I don’t have such a module. Feel free to report back)

Added Dark Mode to web interface